a weekend of dip

Monday, May 31, 2010

Okay so I have one new recipe and one new creative way to make Guac both due to my weekend with the In-Laws. You see there is nothing better then sitting beside the pool and enjoying Chips and Dip. Salsa (although I LOVE SALSA) while I am pregnant is very disheartening to eat. Sad but true it gives me heartburn like no one could believe. However Guacamole does not (weird i know but maybe it's the Avocado to Salsa ratio that's got me okay with it). I have been also looking for a refreshin dip for hot summer days and on Sat while me and my M.I.L. (Mother in Law) relaxed by the pool we enjoyed some salsa and chips, well Little Tommy decided that he would join in (he's a dipper) and it started getting to hot for him but he wanted it any way (he was pretty much breathing FIRE) my M.I.L. went inside and made "Tommy's Dip" named after my son cause he pretty much JUST eats the dip and no chips, cracker or pretzel's (yes we tried alot of different things and he would scoop it and suck the dip off). Needless to say it was extrememly scrumptious so here are two Dip idea's

Creamy Gauc (Now if you already make something like this don't get mad at me i'm always brain storming and we where talking about sour cream so just bare with me lol)

2 Avacados
1/4 Cup Sour Cream
1/2 Salsa

Mash avacados mix in sour cream and salsa... YUM... I will post pics later this week

Tommy's Dip
1/4 Cup Sour Cream
Dill and Season salt to Taste (salt and pepper if you like)
(easy and delish)

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