It's been a while... but I'm back baby!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I haven't been on for lack of cooking or new favorite kitchen accessories but I've been super busy, we moved I went from full time Coastie to full time mommy! It's been hard I'm not going to lie but if you want to hear about that check out my other blog.. so to Cooking. My most recent favorite recipe is for "Chicken Roll Up's" this is not a recipe I came up with on my own it can be found here:

However being a  cook I did change a few things... first  off I didn't make my own alfredo sauce, I know how and believe nothing beats home made (I do both my own recipe starting with a rue and the Olive garden recipe) but in this case and for the purpose of and running after the kids I used store bought alfredo sauce. i also used the sauce with mushrooms in it... I love mushrooms... so here is what my list looked like...

you need one and a half jars of alfredo sauce so if you get three you can make it one time save half of a jar and make it again a week or so later or make them both at one time and simply freeze the other! I added fresh Parmesan cheese on the top for extra flavor and used granulated garlic and salt instead of garlic salt, I believe they taste very different and prefer granulated garlic and salt then garlic salt anyday!!! I also boild my chicken breast early in the day and when I was ready to boil the noodles and cook the meal to shred my chicken. I used two big chicken breasts so mine came out very big I would say I had over three cups... also all you needed as a serving is one... my husband ate two and was overly full. I followed the directions as far  as the rest went and it came out so perfect... highly recommended!

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