Saturday, February 12, 2011

That's right there is a new man in my life... I have fallen in love and his name is George!!!

Alright now that you have picked your chins up off the floor I will explain:

This year for Christmas my in-laws (or as my Mother in Law would put it "Santa") gave me and Tommy a George Forman... I have totally fallen in love with it, not only with the ease of cooking and the fact that it only takes a little times to actually cook anything on it, CLEANING IS A BREEZE, I highly recommend one if you don't have one (i do realize it has been out for a LONG time but hey sometimes i get a little behind).

Not only is it everything i have previously mentioned but it makes your food a lot leaner (aka cooks out the fat which then drains so your weist line will also thank you)

this is mine... (that's right i am so in love i took a picture)
If you haven't used one be sure you watch what you are cooking, it cooks your food EXTREMELY fast so a full sized chicken breast only takes about 5-8 min just make sure you temp, here are the temps for perfection:

Pork: 150*
Poultry (chicken or turkey): 165*
Fish: 145*
Steak: from 120*-160* (depending on how done you want it)
Pre-cooked food you are reheating should be 140*

If you already have a George in your life let me know what your favorite thing to cook on it is, feel free to share recipes!

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