Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is one of the favorite things I make at work, It super easy and when I make it at home I use my George.

2 Chicken Strips/Boneless Skinless
2-3 Bacon Strips
Romaine Lettuce
1/2 Small Tomato
1 Wrap
Ranch (or Ceaser) dressing

Cook the bacon strips until they are crispy flipping over every once in a while (close the lid so the cook quicker) then cook the Chicken (since they are generally different thicknesses you will have to flip them over as well) thinly chop the lettuce so it looks almost shredded and dice the tomato, lay out your tortilla like wrap lay down your lettuce then put some tomato, then the chicken and bacon drizzle the ranch dressing on top. Make sure when you lay down your insides you put it on top of each other and towards one end see picture. Fold up* and serve, goes best with an Arnold Palmer!

*How to fold a wrap, turn the tortilla so the food is horizontal grab the side closest to you and pull it across the insides, fold the bottom up then roll it leaving the top open!!!


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