Sausage Gravy

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Okay so I'm a North Western Girl relocated to the South East, I grew up hating all things southern and well a lot (like grits) I could still do without, there are some things that I love and have grown to love like cornbread.... well the other is Sausage Gravy... MMM the smell the test and over a warm flaky biscuit ****drool**** so here is my recipe: (btw this was made by me two weeks ago at my In-laws house the morning after the Guac)

Use a Pan with Deep Sides, first use pan spray to spray the pan (again another trick of the trade) then brown the sausage (check out the neato thing my MIL has)
Then you are going to add half a stick of butter Butter (yep this is not low fat). Then add about a quarter cup of flour (I don't usually measure so just compare to the picture, notice how it clumps together) Plenty of Garlic powder, onion powder, and a little bit of season salt.
Mix it until there is no Nutty Flavor (again I don't time it but it should be around four min for a white rue, however it will look a little brown cause there is sausage in it!)

Then mix in a quart of heavy cream and then milk until it thins out. Taste if you need more spices add them until your heart is content!
Serve on a Biscuit and Enjoy


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